Fear of Public Speaking

Is fear of public speaking holding you back from excelling in school, your career or feeling confident in life?

Do you begin to feel your heart pound, get butterflies in your stomach or want to flee just thinking about speaking in front of others? This common fear is related to social anxiety that often but not always is rooted in an experience, situation or event that was embarrassing or uncomfortable. Once a connection is made subconsciously between and experience and a negative uncomfortable feeling, your subconscious mind which wants to protect you, often feels obligated to remind you of this.

You might tell yourself with your conscious thinking mind that you are capable, you know your material and you WANT to speak in public, however, your subconscious mind chooses to remind you with those uncomfortable feelings that it might not be a safe thing to do.

Hypnotherapy used to release and re-pattern the initial event and subsequent feelings, Counselling/Therapy to increase self confidence/self esteem and Mental Rehearsal to prepare comfortably for Public Speaking, are wonderful ways to finally make this different for yourself.

In fact Hypnotherapy and Counselling are two of the main treatments Dr Andrew Weil, a leading expert in Integrative Therapy suggests for Fear of Public Speaking and Social Anxiety.