This is the year to have a healthy relationship with food!

Food nourishes us, gives us strength to move forward in our life and accomplish what we want to. Food is used by our brain to think, gives us the fuel for emotion and yet for so many people it is almost like food has become our enemy.

Companies are making millions of dollars a year creating non fat, non sugar, low calorie foods, diet/weight loss programs and promises of a new thin you. Are these realistic or healthy for our bodies, hearts and minds?

Do you wake up anxious, angry upset or defeated thinking about your struggle with food? Does your life revolve around wishing you could just Control your eating or were thinner. Do you think if only……then my life would be perfect?

Let’s work together to create a healthy respect for your body, your mind and your relationship with food maybe for the first time or after years of struggles.

Food gives us life, allow it to work for you as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle freeing you up to use that extra energy and focus to enjoy all the other areas in your life that can give you peace, pleasure and happiness.

The Road to Good Intentions in the New Year

Is it a familiar pattern for you to get excited about the beginning of a New Year and decide that this is the year you are going to look after your body and/or your emotional health. You start off strong with wonderful intentions and after a week or two things start sliding back to the way they were before, you get discouraged and give up?

It is a common pattern that we get into when we get caught up in the end result (losing 30 lbs, running everyday) which are long term goals, without focussing on the day to day short term goals that help us get where we are going.

Prioritize in order of importance your goals for the year, keep them realistic and create a series of short term goals that you can achieve along the way and watch your motivation continue!

How to schedule an appointment

If you would like to meet for a complimentary consultation before beginning to work together simply email me at to arrange a time to meet or phone me at (604) 727-6608 to discuss your situation and arrange a convenient time to get together. I am in my office every M-F morning and late afternoon and evening Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.