How to Help Create Confident Happy People

In my practice I see a wide variety of clients from many backgrounds facing different challenges, yet when they speak about their pain, it is often expressed in a similar way.

I repeatedly hear people sharing that when they were children, they were made to feel small, unimportant and not good enough.  Those painful feelings often carry over into adulthood.

I have heard these expressions of painful memories enough times to realize it is not a coincidence.

It is human nature to notice negative behaviours or situations, leading us to criticize or reprimand. It requires effort to refrain from making a negative comment and to consciously choose to express something positive, but the very act and intention of making that effort is what helps to encourage children to be confident and whole people.

This can also apply to the way you interact with friends, co-workers/employees, partners, family, and even pets.

So the next time you notice something that bothers you, take a deep breath and move on until you are able to find and express the positive.