Technology vs Emotional Connection

It is no secret that technology is impacting our lives at rapid speed. In many ways technology is making your life easier but in some areas it is shifting the quality of our experience resulting in a  palpable disconnection.

How many times of you seen people out to dinner where one or the other is on their phone?

The other day I drove past a mom , two young children on bikes laughing and their dad was walking and was on his phone.  He was physically present for a valuable family experience yet he was completely disconnected from what was going on.

When we look into someone’s eyes and focus on them while talking, we signal to them that they matter, you are important and valuable to me is the message we convey.  Unfortunately the allure of technology seems to shrinking the positive connecting experiences that people, family, friends, partners are having.

If you are a parent please consider that your child’s sense of value and worth is developing right now.  That sense of self that they are developing will be with them for a lifetime.  When you interact with them take time to focus on engaging with them and put down your devices.

For a husband or wife, give your partner time at the beginning, middle or end of them day when you focus on them for a conversation, a walk or another activity that is free of technology.

For a friend if you are meeting up, turn off your phone and enjoy being present in the experience of your friends.

Relationships grown stronger when we signal that we are engaged and interested, and they shrink when people are made to feel unimportant.


What is the magical ingredient that keeps people moving forward when their circumstances appears bleak? The answer is hope. Hope is the spark that ignites resilience in people. Whether they are struggling with a physical, emotional or spiritual challenge, the essence of hope keeps them moving forward.

I have seen these situations played out time and time again with clients who live with painful chronic conditions, serious family challenges and situations that have tested their faith. When they could easily have drifted down the easy path to depression, despair and helplessness, they instead chose a path of courage, hard work and discovery. Their hope is like a beacon that very often enables them to turn their situations around and create remarkable lives.

If you are struggling to find that spark, persevere and connect with someone like me, who will never give up encouraging you and working with you to discover the next possibility.