Para Nordic Skier

I am a Para Nordic Skier and was a member of Canada’s Paralympic Team who competed in the 2010 Games.  I have an Aquired Brain Injury, so I was not sure that hypnosis would work on a damaged brain.I saw Jill for a number of sessions prior to World Cup races in Europe and the Paralympics .  I believe as a result of the work we did together, I was able to overcome the anxiety that I had been experiencing.  My performance was much improved and I was able to reach personal best times in my races, and even more important enjoy the experiences of competing for Canada on the world stage.

Removing Negative Emotion

Negative emotions and patterns of self destructive behaviours blocked me from living my life. Jill worked patiently to bring my awareness to certain issues behind the patterns and from there we worked at allowing the patterns to dissolve. It is also important to note that Jill provided me with the “skills” I needed to go forward in my life; skills that I can and do use when faced with situations that would have overwhelmed me in the past. I do not underachieve anymore. For the first time ever I have emotional freedom to make decisions that will take me where I want to go in life and in these past months I have come a long way.”

L.A. – Fraser Valley, B.C.

Gain Confidence

As an elite national athlete in a sport that relies strongly on mental strength and confidence in ones ability, working with Jill has given me the tools through hypnosis, to feel more powerful and confident than ever before in my training and in competition. Being able to find my focus and keep my focus throughout my routines has allowed me to become more consistent in my performances. Whether I am competing at a Provincial, National or representing Canada at an International competition, I feel ready and prepared for which ever obstacles I am faced with.”

S.D. Lower Mainland, B.C.

Gained Confidence

Two years ago I had taken up horseback riding as an adult. I love horses and I love the sport but was overwhelmed by frustration because I was allowing my anxieties and fears to block me from progressing and fully enjoying the experience of being on horseback. I was physically and emotionally frozen by my fears and unable to think in the moment.

After my sessions with Jill I was able to break through many barriers and work towards and gain new skills that I never even thought possible. I am now able to jump a course and feel the exhilaration of jumping it with the horse instead of feeling the terrors of possibly making a mistake.

Happily, I would also like to add that this new gained confidence from riding has spread into many other areas of my life. Any expectations that I may have had of hypnotherapy had been greatly exceeded.


Hypnotherapy Helps

Hypnotherapy has helped me to feel stronger and more confident that I ever have in my life. I have dealt with longstanding issues that have plagued me most of my life. Resolving these issues has helped me to make some important decisions in my life. My life is richer and more fulfilling since my experiences with hypnotherapy. I have tried other therapies before, but this has proven to be the most effective and efficient.


Uncontrollable Anxiety

I became interested in hypnotherapy for a very specific reason – uncontrollable anxiety. I had met Jill in an unrelated way, and was inquiring about what she did and how it worked, more out of interest in something new. When I asked about issues with anxiety and panic she said that hypnotherapy was highly effective in changing habits and how we perceive a given situation. It sounded interesting because I had already come to the conclusion that I over-reacted to many situations due to my upbringing and the ways in which I had seen my dad react to situations. I really felt that I was imitating his reactions, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t bring about a change in the basic, almost primal way, that I reacted i.e.: heart pounding, adrenaline rushing, fearing the worst, not being able to concentrate, worrying constantly about the next thing. Very small inconveniences became things to fear. I would wake up early in the morning (4 am) in a panic because of issues I had going around and around in my head. I couldn’t quiet them. So I decided to give it a try. I was very excited about the way Jill had described it working, and it did work. I felt a difference after the first session. Then after the 2nd and 3rd sessions, I noticed several big changes. Situations where, in the past, I would have reacted poorly, I was calm and sensible. I was so excited! It might sound small to other people when I explain it to them, but to me it was (and is) huge!! I woke up in the middle of the night one evening shortly after the 2nd session and had a vague feeling of anxiety try to creep in — and I actually laughed out loud. It was nothing short of amazing. I went back to bed and fell asleep immediately, where in the past, the anxiety would have taken hold.
I have told many friends about the process – and they see the difference in me. They know what I have been through in trying to sort this problem out and they are also pretty amazed at the results. I would recommend it to anyone for a wide variety of issues. I had been through counseling (5 sessions) prior to this, and while it was a positive experience, the hypnotherapy was so much more effective and efficient. Amazing really.
Thank you Jill for introducing me to, and bringing me through such an amazing process!


Marriage Counselling

I was very skeptical of counselling sessions as both my wife and I had attempted several times, through different professionals, and found it was of no benefit or help. Jill was very much our last attempt at salvaging a marriage of over 15 years. Her methods, mannerisms and guidance were a breath of fresh air, and resulted in breakthroughs we were never expecting. I was most impressed with Jill’s objectivity, patience and sensitivity to our problems. Having confidence in those you turn to for support is crucial, and it was never in question with Jill. I will, and have recommended her services, but am please to say, we wont be needing them further.