Feeling Trapped?

Feeling stuck in your life?

Do you ever wake up and wonder… how did I get here?

Do you believe that this is the best that it is going to be, like there is no chance for change?

Many clients I meet tell me that they never imagined one day they would feel frozen or trapped in their life.

Sue was a studious child whose parents guided her every move meticulously, leaving little room for her uniqueness.  Sue quietly went along with the program, studied hard and did well academically in college.  She earned a business degree, and got a ” good job” in a big company.  Ten years into her job she was suffering from migraines, a low grade depression and was thirty pounds over weight. 

 Throughout her life Sue never had a chance to explore or speak up about what she wanted and in turn was experiencing immense discomfort in life.

Kurt was a gifted athlete who had many successes until his knees gave out and he accepted a sales job which he felt unprepared for.  People expected great things from him because he was so competitive in sport, but the rigours and disappointments in sales were slowly killing his spirit.  He started drinking heavily and having problems in his relationship.  He had no idea what he wanted to do, or how to do it.

Brenda married her childhood sweetheart and had kids very young.  She never had a chance to explore education and took any job she could find to supplement their income.  She and her husband were consumed with parenting and paying the bills.  Now that the kids were older they had drifted apart and she realized she really didn’t like him very much.  Brenda felt trapped and believed she had no skills to speak of and no way out.  She felt enraged even looking at him and started to act very meanly which ashamed her.

If you can relate to being in a place you never imagined, feeling frozen, let me help you chart a new track towards your best life. You will be amazed how quickly things can begin to turn around for you.

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