Food + Eating Disorders

Create a Healthy Relationship with Food; Weight Management that Works!

Like many people, you may be unhappy with your body image, struggle with food and eating issues, and are frustrated with your inability to change.

There are two main sides to eating disorders and unhealthy relationships with food:

Restricting Your Food Intake: Exercising in order to balance out what you have eaten, skipping meals, obsessively counting calories and limiting how much  you eat.

Eating Too Much: Overeating is an extremely common struggle, and many suffer from a life of merry-go-round diets and disappointments. From binge eating to compulsive eating, comfort eating, or eating to combat stress, your relationship with food has taken over your life.

While you may be focused on issues around food and either under or over-eating, in reality the core cause of your food issues is likely something different altogether. Some of these core causes can be:

  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Identifying and treating the core cause of your eating issue is key to the effective change and healthy relationship with food you are looking for.

Effective Change and a Healthy Relationship with Food is Possible. Learn to have Healthy Weight Management for Life!

If you are exhausted from focusing on your weight, having your mood depend on a number on your scale, or constantly imagining your improved quality of life if you only could lose the weight, rest assured that there is counselling and support for your unhealthy relationship with food. In actuality, being able to finally address the underlying causes of being overweight will allow you to finally enjoy the life you want.

Learning how to listen to your body’s special language, understand what your mind and body are asking for, and being able to meet their needs will catapult you into a new chapter in your life that is no longer dominated by your weight. Imagine the room that opens up in your life to enjoy yourself.

Shedding the weight is really more about understanding and addressing the core beliefs in your life that have kept you stuck, learning to listen to your body, your emotions and honoring your unique essence.

Jill has experience with many life stories and situations from her work as a counsellor. Maybe one of these sounds familiar to you:

  • I am able to stay on track but when I am almost at my goal weight I seem to sabotage myself and start overeating again.
  • I eat when I am so full I feel ill but I just keep eating.
  • I was put on diet when I was a kid but when I look at old pictures I just looked healthy, now I am really overweight.
  • I am sick of clothes that feel tight and make me feel fat.
  • It seems like everyone else can go out and enjoy themselves but I have to focus on what I’m eating.
  • I exercise all the time so that I don’t gain weight. I’d feel edgy if I didn’t get to exercise.
  • I have safe foods that I can eat and I try to stick with that.
  • Once I start eating sugar I just can’t stop and then I feel like a loser.

What do all of these stories have in common?

The individuals living these experiences are so focused on a number on the scale and how their clothes feel that all other areas in their life are relegated to the back seat. Family, friends, relationships, work and fun are a distant second to the amount of attention losing or maintaining weight has in their life. If they hit the number they are happy with themselves and it’s a good day, if they don’t they berate themselves and are miserable.

Can you relate to the pain being unable to manage your weight creates?

Jill’s approach to treatment is a special combination of counselling, health coaching, mind/body therapies and hypnotherapy to help you take charge of your weight and put your dieting days behind you.

Some of the things you will learn in our counselling sessions for your disordered eating are:

  • How your belief system has set you up for disappointment. Together we will establish a new healthy and positive system based in reality.
  • How your perceptions and emotions are held in your in your body. You will learn to become fluent in your body’s language so you are able to meet your own emotional and physical needs. Notice as you begin to meet your physical and emotional needs, your obsession around food fades away.
  • That food is an amazing fuel we get to put into our body to help us function, think, move, feel and be in good health.
  • To love and appreciate the body that you have, and engage in a loving process of creating a fit, strong, healthy body.
  • Uncover how to meet your emotional needs in ways that have nothing to do with food.
  • Learn how to manage your stress through progressive muscular relaxation, self-hypnosis and other mind/body techniques to ensure emotional pressure is unable to build up.
  • Learn to appreciate your unique inner wisdom and appreciate the special person who you are.

Jill holds Masters degrees in Health Education and Counselling Psychology, and is also a Certified Hypnotherapist. Jill has worked in the health and fitness field since 1980. She has created health and fitness programs, worked as a personal trainer, facilitated health based fitness programs and has been in a Private Counselling Practice for the last 12 years.

In her practice, Jill coaches clients to move from negative emotional and physical health behaviours and patterns into a healthy way of feeling, looking and being. Jill works with every day people who want to gain control of the merry-go-round of weight loss and disordered eating and take charge of their lives.

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