Sports Counselling

Are you a competitive athlete looking to achieve a new level of success but are hampered by confidence or anxiety? Have you lost your ability to perform your sport? Perhaps you just want to hit the trails with your horse or play recreational sports but fear is holding you back.

Are you experiencing:

  • Confidence issues?
  • Do you find yourself in a negative self talk loop?
  • Are you gripped by fear perhaps stemming from an accident or bad experience?
  • Are you having a challenge mentally visualizing what you need to accomplish?
  • Do you live with competition anxiety?
  • Do you need help creating the muscle memory needed to execute and perform complex maneuvers.

Jill’s Sports Counselling combines evidence based sport psychology cognitive techniques and mind body therapies like hypnotherapy to allow athletes to:

  • Develop a relaxed and loose approach eliminating interfering muscle tension
  • Let go of the fear blocking your performance
  • Mastering the skills of peak performance whether in practice or competition
  • Create automatic positive self talk skills which puts emotional and physical energy into your tank
  • Improve your focus

Jill has successfully assisted athletes to excel in their sport at regional, national and international levels. Whether you are in individual sports such as trampoline, gymnastics, figure skating, martial arts, running, skiing, tennis, golf or equestrian sports or team sports such as hockey, soccer, cheerleading, basketball ball or volleyball Jill can help you.

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