Therapy and counselling allows you to understand the way your emotions, beliefs, habits, feelings, thoughts and perceptions contribute to the positive and less positive experiences in your life. The process of working with a therapist you feel you can trust helps you explore the way all of these pieces have come together in your life.

In working with me, we will explore the way early family life, your school, and your community and friends have contributed to the experiences you have had and are having in your life, the perceptions you made of those experiences and the decisions based on those perceptions that ended up as beliefs or habits.

Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Counselling allow us to understand the repetitive patterns and habits in your life such as: relationship patterns, emotional eating, moods (depression/anxiety) fears and phobias, anger and addictive behaviour.

What is your approach?

Once we have identified the patterns or habits, we can begin to work together to change the root cause of the issue and form new ways of interacting with others and yourself. This allows you to improve your self confidence and self-esteem, handle conflicts or concerns differently, and make changes in your family, friends and workplace.

I am able to draw from many Psychological Orientations that allow me to create the most suitable program for each individual, in order to resolve their challenges. Some of the Therapeutic Models I find effective are: Adlerian Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Satir Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Marriage and Couples Counselling. Additionally, I also have a Masters Degree in Health Education which allows me to view each individual as a whole, assisting in the full spectrum of wellness, if that is desired.


What are the fees for your services?

My hourly rate follows the fee guide for Registered Clinical Counsellors in British Columbia and is $125.00 for a 50 minute session. My practice also keeps several spaces available at a sliding scale for individuals in financial need, to be discussed individually.


What happens when I come in?

During the first session, we will get to know each other in a relaxing, comfortable way. My job is to help you feel comfortable enough to share with me what brings you in and how that issue is creating discomfort or challenges in your life. We also talk about what it is you most want to improve or change.

I will often ask you a lot of questions to help me fully understand your challenges and how they are impacting your life as a whole. I will process this information and then share with you my view of what is going on. At that point, I will suggest an effective therapeutic approach and answer all of your questions.

We will then get started, gently making the changes that we have both identified as being essential in making the change that you want. The approach is collaborative with openness and opportunity to constantly review and modify the process. I explain everything to you as we go along.

During the therapeutic process, we are constantly evaluating progress. Through this evaluation I will modify the therapeutic plan to ensure we are moving in the right direction.


What happens if I cannot make an appointment?

I require 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment.

I reserve our appointment time exclusively for you.  I understand that in our busy lives you might end up with an unexpected meeting, an emergency or wake up with an illness.  While I generally have a waiting list of clients who are wanting appointments, it is often logistically difficult for them to rearrange their day on short notice.  Every effort will be made to extend your space to my waiting list however in the event that the space is not able to be filled without 24 hours notice, please expect that you may be charged for that session.

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