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We experience all kinds of relationships in our life, with our partner, our children, our friends, family and in our work life. These relationships all have the potential to be enriching and health promoting or stressful and unhealthy.

In relationships that work well we feel safe, comfortable and free to be ourselves.

Take a moment to reflect on the significant relationships in your life. What similarities do you notice in the relationships that work well for you and those that are damaging? What patterns are you repeating?

  • In your significant love relationships have you gone from friends to frenemies?
  • Do you feel held hostage by your relationships?
  • Does every conversation lead to the same fight?

Learn to move out of these stuck positions and into enjoyable, positive and balanced relationships.

Jill has over fifteen years of experience using evidence based therapies such as Family Systems, Adlerian Therapy, Satir and Gottman to promote respectful, healthy enriching relationships.

Let Jill help you learn to move create the relationships that you want in your life. Relationships that are based on respect, friendship and equality.

Jill will give you the tools and experiences you need to manage yourself confidently and comfortably in relationships in your life.

Family Systems Theory: Family Systems counselling recognizes that couples, families and their individual members function as an entwined emotional group that influence and are influenced by each other’s behaviours and choices. Looking at how the emotional system works in the family that shaped you, Jill will help you recognize the ingrained techniques you automatically use to deal with stress, and then reveal effective options for solving problems that have the best long-term outcome for you, your partner and your family.

Adlerian Psychology: Adlerian psychology promotes equality, balance in life, and the thought that every individual is creative, unique, and more than the sum of their parts. Adlerians view the individual as a whole in context with their environment, family, friendships and intimate relationships. This practice helps individuals, children, parents, and couples achieve more harmonious relationships by examining behaviours, discovering positive aspects of each other, and harnessing the power in knowing we can make positive choices and changes in relationships if we so desire.

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