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The relationships that we have in our life add to our happiness or make our lives miserable. The way we approach and behave in relationships is directly influenced by our early learning in our immediate family and then our community.

Who we are as a partner, friend, employee, employer is developed through those early experiences. If our early relationships show us how to understand, meet and communicate our needs while teaching us to understand the needs of others, we often move through life enjoying healthy relationships. Without this knowledge we tend to repeat negative relationship patterns feeling dissatisfied, frustrated and disappointed.

Developing the tools and knowledge to engage in fulfilling satisfactory relationships is where I come in. I have almost two decades of experience coaching people how to develop and enjoy enriching, fun and loving relationships. You might be surprised by how quickly simple changes can start you on the path of loving, respectful relationships.

Some of the therapeutic models I follow are: Family Systems, Satir, Gottman and Adlerian. These models provide practical, understandable and effective methods for achieving lasting change.


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