Laugh to Heal


We have a wonderful, natural tonic inside of us that promotes a sense of well-being, physical healing and joy. It is called LAUGHTER. It is there to help you lighten your mood, feel good and enjoy yourself.

Think back and ask yourself:

When is the last time that you let go and really laughed out loud? So much laughter your eyes started watering and you had to take an extra breath? Or put on some music for no special reason and just danced around?

Have you ever sung your favourite song out loud and really let go? Or just played like you were a carefree happy child for no reason other than the playing itself?

Laughter is health-promoting medicine and it is free!

When we laugh we actually experience useful positive changes in our brain. The act of laughing releases positive endorphins that feel good. Even better than that research has shown laughing has physical health promoting benefits like enhancing the immune system and reducing our blood pressure.

Dr Lee Berk a researcher at Loma Linda University in California has spent decades researching the positive effects of laughter. His studies have discovered that even the anticipation of laughter itself results in positive physiological and emotional changes in our mind and body.

In his book Mind,Body,Spirit:Exploring the Mind,Body,Spirit Connection Through Research on Mirthful Laughter. and Spirituality, Health and Wholeness, An Introductory Guide for Health Care Professions: Haworth Press 2004, he reviews the amazing findings over 3 decades of research into the benefit of laughter.

Findings suggest that a good belly laugh is a workout for your core and is aerobic! It can bring your immune system back into a systematic balance and it can relieve negative emotional pressure.

Laughing is a win win

So explore what tickles your silly button, whether a joke, video, good friends and move forward into better health.